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About Taraxa and Its Mission

Taraxa was originally founded in 2014, with the approach of providing “Innovative ICT Solutions” and by engineers who have been graduated from the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) .

The main mission of Taraxa is: “solution providing, Engineering management and system development & integration in the field of communications, especially working on innovative, convergent and cutting-edge ICT solutions.”

Some of the key and distinctive aspects of Taraxa is focusing on innovative & customized solutions by considering both technical & business challenges, along with security & reliability issues. In this way, partnership & collaboration with commercial, academic and open communities is the key part of our strategy.

Our vision for Taraxa is a pioneer company that moves forward Iran and global community in the field of ICT. More importantly, we have obligated ourselves to put great emphasis on the moral and humanitarian aspects of modern technologies and their applications, besides scientific and technical aspects.

Ongoing Activities and Current Mission

For now and based on the current mission defined at Taraxa, “To Make the World Smarter, by Connecting Things To Life” we’ve focused on development and providing Smart and IoT-based solutions. In this way and as one of the pioneer companies in the region and world, Taraxa has provided several solutions which some of them have been reflected on the Activities & Projects page and also the News section of the website (mostly in Persian).
Taraxa has also co-founded “Linkap“, which helps businesses, organizations and people to make their world smarter by using cutting-edge, secure and cost-effective technologies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more about us and our previous projects and activities.


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